Black Rock City 2018

F 2018

F (for Friends, Family, Future) 2018 was our first gathering at Burning Man. We called this year our “Build Zero” due to us aknowledging we have quite a learning curve. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, from exploding engines, to storms to sickness of key team members. But we made it and had an incredible time despite that and learned from it.

This year we developed the 10x strategy - each gathering we have needs to be 10x better than the previous.

Despite wild dust storms we built the Luz Pyramid in the middle of the playa as our art project as well as the camp itself. It was an experience of a life time and got us, quite frankly, addicted to overcoming the challenge of organising such gatherings.

Production / Build

Matt Cyrankiewicz

Mike Stevens

James Baumgartner

Bryant Martinez

Shayne Sanders

Lacey Gurr

Giulia Bocci

Lucas Che Tizard

Rocio Montero

Sinclair Toffa

Valeriya Konradi

Music & Art



+ all piano players


Jack & Leah

Valeriya Konradi

+ Surprise guests

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