Black Rock City 2019

F 2019

F (for Friends, Family, Future) 2019 was our second gathering at Burning Man. We called this year our “Build One”, having experience from the proof-of-concept camp in the year before, and put some work into creating a truly beautiful experience for all involved, but one that focuses on envisioning better future.

We were likely the first fully solar powered camp (40kW+) at Burning Man, reaching our 100% renewable goal a year early. We also brought a new, better piano for some incredible experiences in the Future Ashram.

The Future Ashram itself, as structure that’s both ancient and futuristic, open and closed, intimate and public got great feedback and we plan to build on it.

Inside the Ashram our program included ceremonies, talks, panels, wellness, music and heavy dose of dusty good time.

Production / Build

Matt Cyrankiewicz

Mike Stevens

Ahmed Hadjeres


Valeriya Konradi

Alex Dumitrescu

Bryant Martinez

Dean VanderVord

Giulia Bocci

Jehane Akiki

Justin Sherratt

Lucas Che Tizard

Rocio Montero

Sinclair Toffa

Jo Reis

Adam Patterson


Matt Cyrankiewicz

Caitlin Connors

Pulkit Jaiswal

Jeremy Boxer

Kyle Block

Angé Lune

Music & Art

Rave Mehta


Alex Knight

Lucas Tizard

Angé Lune

Kyle Block

Michael Alahverdian

Adam Husa


+ all suprise DJs

+ all piano players


Misha Eydman

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