Cabarete, Dominican Republic
March 11-16, 2020


Our inception gathering was an epic flashpoint of many more to come as we assembled our tribe of change accelerators and visionaries. The future-forward F community and product design studio, HOO KOO E KOO, both founded by Mateusz Cyrankiewicz, joined hands with Dan Linnaeus founder of strategic consulting firm SPINDIO, and world class Kite Surfer and Ocean Entrepreneur, Susi Mai, to produce one of the most electrifying inception events in the sustainibility gathering ecosphere.

In partnership with Global Coralition, an ocean conservancy group which unveiled the largest underwater sculpure in world to be placed in Sosua Bay, we presented initiatives and potential roadmap to bring balance back to our oceans. Sustainability visionaries MIGO and RecycleGo, among others lead us in galvanizing discussions and workshops about the technology shaping our collective horizon. A small pod of exceptional thinkers and visionaries came together to blaze a trail and electrify our emerging movement.

Future Horizon is organized by a collective of creative, athletic, and entrepreneurial talents from across the globe.

  • Amit Pradhan
  • Adam Taylor
  • Stan Chen
  • Emily Bauer
  • Jean-François Boland
  • Susi Mai
  • Jason Swamy
  • Henrik Beckmann
  • Vinay Chaudhri
  • Jordan Lejuwaan
  • Michael Ketigian
  • Chris Erthel
  • Lucas Tizard
  • Mike Stevens
  • Angeline Chen
  • Kyle Block
  • Stephanie Bovis
  • Matt Cyrankiewicz
  • Danny Linneaus
  • Eric Metzner
  • John Breitbart
  • Emerald Figueroa
  • Patricia Hiraldo
  • Patricia Thirndike Suriel
  • Marlin GR
  • Angela Encarnacion
  • Irka Mateo
  • Swamy
  • Orijins
  • Dumes
  • Tamara Taddeo
  • Alex Knight
  • MAKI
  • Palmero
  • Anoushka Mirchandani
  • Samantha Chilvers
  • Augusto Batlle
  • Jennifer Mien Mien Lin
  • Isabelle Tellie
  • Pedro Fernandez
  • Angeline Chen
  • Tigerlily Lin
  • Kyle Block
  • Matt Cyrankiewicz
  • Danny Linneaus
  • Mike Stevens
  • Lia Hiraldo
  • Alex Dumes
  • Giulia Bocci
  • Ahlem Bacouche
  • Anoushka Mirchandani
  • Tigerlily Lin
  • Michael Ketigian
  • José Manuel Gil
  • Noah Inhauser
  • Isabelle Tellié
  • Dan Červenka
  • James Street
  • Justin Sherratt
  • Lindsay Cabrera
  • Alex Knight
  • + teams
Partners and Sponsors


Several unique impact initiatives were accelerated, incubated or hatched during and directly after Future Horizon 2021.1 gathering and they continue to grow. See below!


Just within a week from FH, the organisation has assembled and soon led to raising over $3,000,000 across platforms and distributing nearly a million of PPE articles for the medical workers on front-lines, where most needed.


A cross-disciplinary coalition of conservationists and artists around the world raising awareness and promoting knowledge sharing to accelerate coral reef restoration worldwide.


A project born within our community and supported throughout the rest of the year went on to raise over $200M in commitments to help instill democracy in the US, by supporting black-led organizations in swing states. Our motivation was simple: higher levels of democracy lead to better climate action.


A Costa Norte DR pilot coalition of NGO foundations, elected officials, and volunteers joining hands together to provide relief from Covid-19 in Cabarete, Susua and beyond. A predictable repeatable model to empower communities in crisis.


An initiative to help make sure that when we go back to normal, we don't go back to the old normal. A content hub and accelerator to help assist changemakers of all levels in building a sustainable future.