Tuscany, Italy
July 28 - Aug 1, 2021


Regen Renaissance

The Black Death pandemic resulted in a shift in the world view of people in XIV century Italy. This shift ended the Middle Ages and brought us the Renaissance - an epoch of bright thinking, innovation, prosperity and fancy ruff collars.

We are now emerging from a new global pandemic and similar shifts in global trends can be observed.

Billions of people make choices that impact the world every minute. Making the right choices on a big enough scale can still turn the world around.

"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken."
- Frank Herbert

  • Amit Pradhan
  • Andrea Sforzi
  • Andrea Ochoa
  • Angela Bermudo
  • Angeline Chen
  • Billy Waterson
  • Chris Erthel
  • Christopher Willits
  • Daniel Pinchbeck
  • Dominika Koczot
  • Doumi Busturia
  • Elodie Jeanne
  • Gregorio Avanzini
  • Jampel Dell'Angelo
  • Jean-François Boland
  • Lubomila Jordanova
  • Luca Locatelli
  • Mara Santos
  • Mariasole Bianco
  • Marta Figeiredo
  • Matt Cyrankiewicz
  • Neil Agius
  • Nora Oberlaender
  • Rico Loop
  • Rob Holzer
  • Sebastian Graf
  • Tharald Nustad
  • Xander Schultz
  • Zoe Pappis
  • Francesca Lombardo
  • Christopher Wilits
  • Andrei Matorin
  • Eli Fola
  • Deer Jade
  • Rico Loop
  • Myk Tumolo
  • Andrea Ochoa
  • Chele
  • InverseK
  • Orijins
  • Dumes
  • Palmero
  • Champagne Finish
  • Ahlem Bacouche (curator)
  • Angeline Chen / The Art Rising
  • Anoushka Mirchandani
  • Diego Solda
  • Isabelle Tellié
  • Jebila Okongwu
  • Marta Alexandra Abbott
  • Nicolas Denino
  • Animagika:
  • Anja Ananda Schwarz
  • Kalypso
  • Linda Mäkelä
  • Naima Pohler
  • Gregorio Avanzini
  • Ahlem Bacouche
  • Alex Dumes
  • Andrea Rabasa
  • Angela Bermudo
  • Ariadna Rabasa
  • Gigliola Queiroz
  • Giorgio Ghiotto
  • Giulia Bocci
  • Guendalina Buzzanca
  • Helenna Felippe
  • Henrik Beckmann
  • Isabelle Tellié
  • James Street
  • Julian Tse
  • Justyna Cyrankiewicz
  • Kyle Block
  • Maham Jamshed
  • Matt Cyrankiewicz
  • Noah Inhauser
  • Sebastian Graf
  • Walfredo Gherardesca
  • Weronicka Cyrankiewicz
  • + teams
Partners & Sponsors


Several unique impact initiatives were accelerated, incubated or hatched during and directly after Future Horizon 2021.1 gathering and they continue to grow. See below!

Initiative 07:

Goal: Enable education courses for women and children.

Within one day, WWBT exceeded its funding goal to provide laptops for the refugee community center, mostly from Afghanistan, to enable them to pursue their dreams of acquiring skills and learning about graphic design, art, video editing, etc.

Initiative 08:

Goal: Develop a coalition and subsequent immediate actions to combat climate change and decarbonize our planet.

A coalition and subsequent immediate actions to combat climate change and decarbonize our planet. Stemming from discussions and a workshop at FH21.1 WAGMI seeks to develop an action plan to address the climate crisis and limit global temperature rise.

* Initiative working title.

Initiative 09:

Goal: Establish a global network of partners and impact investors to launch the MOVHERS platform

Mozambique is still affected today by very high levels of school dropouts, as well as lack of opportunities for young women to participate actively in society. Girl MOVE seeks to activate a global community through its framework for action to empower women leadership and raise women voices as a way to break the cycle of poverty.

Initiative 02:
Global Coralition Fundraiser

Goal: Scale microfragmentation coral farms and restoration projects in the Dominican Republic.

Launching land based microfragmentation coral farms near Sosua to grow resilient corals 50x faster, as well as train and empower fishermen for conservation efforts and ecotourism business that can become new livelihood opportunity and develop food security for the region for generations to come.

Initiative 10:

Goal: Introduce new team ahead of more near future projects.

GalaxyLabs has become an umbrella for several projects designed by and/or deeply touching our community, including DefeatByTweet, OneForDemocracy and Maloka. We started the path towards the stellar team introducing a new initiative, OneForClimate at FH22.1.

Initiative 11:

Goal: Increase pollinator-friendly habitats around the world by partnering with existing urban green space development projects.

Exponentially increasing pollinator-friendly habitats around the world by partnering with existing urban green space development projects.