Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 30 - April 4, 2022


Transformations of Reality
An exploration to create big, bold transformations for a regenerative future.

The energy transition, cellular agriculture, abolishing inequitable hierarchies and creating community-led organizations through DAOs, combining AI with IoT to monitor climate change—are just parts of the first stage in the necessary evolution. Led by transformations in social systems, such as new economies, industries, and revenue models, driven by people and society.

This brief window of opportunity is the moment for big, bold transformations. We explored actions and new models needed to secure a future where we can all thrive. 

We gathered in the Marvelous City to envision, build, and celebrate a sustainable future.  And answer: how can we create true impact to the scale needed to tackle issues such as deforestation and create progress despite an administration that continues to pass catastrophic environmental policies and human rights violations against indigenous people?

We introduced Future Quest DAO, the first climate saving web3 ecosystem, including an impact fund and accelerator. It caters to entrepreneurs actively creating solutions related to climate change, and incentivizes collective action at scale.

  • Amit Pradhan
  • Atossa Soltani
  • Angela Bermudo
  • Chante Harris
  • Chad Frischmann
  • Daniel Strickland
  • Elizabeth Novogratz
  • Fatema Hamdani
  • Ingmar Rentzhog
  • Hannah Kromminga
  • Henk Rogers
  • Shirley Djukurnã Krenak
  • Jessica Matavele
  • Jordan Lejuwaan
  • John Goedschalk
  • Leo Caprez
  • Lubomila Jordanova
  • Luis Adaime
  • Mark Magellan
  • Marta Roff
  • Marcelo Carvalho De Andrade
  • Matt Cyrankiewicz
  • Merlin André
  • Nick de la Forge
  • Rob da Laet
  • Sebastian Graf
  • Shayamal Vallabhjee
  • Stefan Renton
  • Tanyella Evans
  • Tomasz Wojewoda
  • Vandana Hart
  • Zaya Ribeiro
Music & Experience
  • Andrea Ochoa
  • Andrei Matorin
  • Banda Nosso Grito
  • Champagne Finish
  • Dumes
  • Eli Fola
  • Gregorio Avanzini
  • Mia Lunis
  • Myk Tummolo
  • Naïma Pöhler
  • Palmero
  • Station Lisbon
  • Thales Browne Rodrigues Camara
  • Vandana Hart
  • Vanessa Moutinho
  • Ahlem Bacouche
  • Daniel Strickland
  • + Brazilian Burners
Film and Photography
  • Alec Cutter
  • Alex Knight
  • Alexandre Duarte
  • James Street (DP)
  • João Ricardo Januzzi
  • Julian Tse
  • Lucas Storck
  • Luiz Favero
  • Rani Messias
  • Ahlem Baccouche
  • Alex Dumitrescu
  • Andrea Rabasa
  • Angela Bermudo
  • Anoushka Mirchandani
  • Ariadna Rabasa
  • Carolina Mascarenhas
  • Chris Spearpoint
  • Daniel Strickland
  • Giulia Bocci
  • Guendalina Buzzanca
  • Josie Watson
  • Maria Clara Contrucci
  • Matt Cyrankiewicz
  • Mike Stevens
  • Sophia Holzmeister
  • Susanna Choe